Coloured Glasses

“Coloured Glasses” refers to the well-known analogy of the sunglasses which represent the cultural filters through which we observe and interpret reality. Everyone is born with sunglasses of a specific color based on the nationality the person was born with. The colored lenses represent our attitudes, beliefs, values and represent our cultural identity, which we are socialized with. All information we perceive go through this cultural filter – the Colored Glasses. Wearing the sunglasses is normal for everyone. We do not even notice it, meaning that the things we are surrounded with certain behaviours and actions are perceived as normal.

In YFU, Coloured Glasses has come to refer to a set of workshops designed to build young people's cultural self-awareness, leading them into cultural understanding by introducing them to the concepts of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination. 

“Coloured Glasses”, a concept developed over more than 20 years through several adaptations, involves peer-to-peer learning and is rooted in grassroots volunteerism and community building.

The aim of the workshop is to allow people to examine their ownattitudes towards other cultures, and gain an understanding of issues such as discrimination, prejudice and stereotyping, in order to develop their intercultural competence. The workshop design is flexible enough to be customized for different age groups, time constraints and specific needs of the participants.

The Colored Glasses workshops are considered as a non-formal education activity. They are lively, and engage participants in simulations and role plays that allow them to experience some aspects of intercultural interaction. The simulations are followed by group The discussions where they can express their feelings and difficulties encountered during the exercises and relate them to cultural theories introduced by the facilitator.


Coloured Glasses Projects

Over the years, we have organised many projects to expand and adapt out Coloured Glasses projects to the different needs of society. 


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