Training for Trainers and Mentors


Werbellinsee, Germany (close to Berlin)


22-29 June, 2019


 Building on a strong coalition of youth-led and volunteer-led civil society organisations and a network of political stakeholders and regional authorities, the project “Road to the Future” is designed to encourage and strengthen European-oriented youth participation for a specific democratic milestone, the European Parliament Elections 2019 and in the longer term for the future of Europe. The project is a joint partnership among 14 partner organizations and networks, from all across Europe. 

The initiative is built in two phases: 
the lead-up to the European Parliament elections 2019 and their follow-up.

The main aims are to:
1. Encourage debate among young Europeans about the European Elections 2019 and increase young voters’ turnout.
2. Develop strategies and organize advocacy actions for the implementation of the New Narrative for Europe using the ideas collected during the phase leading to the EP elections, both at the local and European level with parliamentarians and newly elected MEPs.


The training for trainers and mentors will involve 40 participants (youth activists, youth workers, youth leaders) who will be trained to be able to organise local advocacy campaigns and events, promoting the “New Narrative for Europe” and local trainings for European oriented youth. It will be based on the tools previously created and will focus notably on the online dimension to ensure a strong uptake of the online platform at this stage. 

The participants will come from the different partner organisations and their local members and will be selected according to gender balance, country balance, and their motivation and capacity to organise further local training and activities event.

The event will be organised in parallel to the high visibility large scale event (YES 2019) to ensure a maximum impact both on the youth workers and on the participants of the large scale event.


  • age above 18
  • youth work practitioners (youth workers, youth leaders, trainers, facilitators, activists, NGO staff members and volunteers) 
  • interested in developing their skills in the area of youth participation 
  • able to work and communicate in English

We are currently looking for participants from the following countries (with the maximum travel reimbursement amount in euro): 

Austria €150, Greece €200, Belgium €150, Italy €200, Bulgaria €200, Malta €150, Finland €200, Poland €150
France €200, Slovenia €200, North Macedonia €200 , Spain €200, Germany €50

The accommodation and meal costs will be covered by the hosts.


22nd of May 2019

This event is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union